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New Public Holiday, Anyone?

To mark the tax filing deadline, I have an oped in the Canberra Times, arguing that the federal government could quite simply exempt most taxpayers from the need to file a return, without needing to tinker with rates or deductions. … Continue reading

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Wake Up Jack

One of the winners of this year’s IgNobel prizes (for research that should not be replicated) is an invention called "Clocky". From the website: Clocky is an alarm clock in development for people who have trouble getting out of bed. … Continue reading

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Get a Job

In the third of a trio of thought-provoking posts over the weekend, Andrew Norton draws our attention to Michelle Grattan’s analysis of the previous occupation of members of parliament. Like me, Andrew is a former staffer who worries about the … Continue reading

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Happiness and GDP – the story continues

Is the relationship between happiness and GDP non-linear? That’s been the contention of many in the anti-growth crowd. But it depends how you draw the graph. To the left, I’ve shown two graphs – one of GDP versus life satisfaction, … Continue reading

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Testable proposition of the day: That marking essays while listening to Wagner leads to a wider grade distribution.

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Boomerang Awards

Australian researchers currently working overseas may be interested in applying for one of Sydney University’s Return Awards for Expatriate Researchers. Details over the fold.

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Whatever makes you happy

My colleague Paul Frijters presented the annual Fred Gruen lecture last night. I never knew Fred Gruen, but he was a powerhouse in the ANU’s research school, and is one of those who firmly believed that economics should always strive … Continue reading

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